Hoper Rush is a smart phone based app company, that connects
the cleaning service provider “Hoper Lady” with the people needing the service.

The Registration

  •  After the users have downloaded the app, they need to register as a Client using “Hoper Rush app” or Hoper Lady "using Hoper Lady App". If the user wants to find services as a Client, they need to provide the following information: first name, last name, phone number, email address and add a payment method.
  • If the user wants to register as a Hoper Lady, they need to provide the following information: first name, last name, date of birth, address, they have to upload the driver license or acceptable photo ID, upload a personal photo (which they can take directly from their phone camera) to their profile and their bank information “for direct deposit” as well as their consent for criminal background check.

The Client can register as Hoper Lady at any time by pressing “Become Hoper Lady” box shown on their profile. 
Both parties “Client and Hoper Lady” shall agree on Hoper Rush Terms and conditions, and create their user name which is usually their email address, and an 8 characters’ password to access their profile.
Hoper Lady must be 18 years of age or older.



Once the Hoper Lady registration is approved by the app admin, a Welcome Letter will send to her email which consists of these guidelines:

  • A Welcome aboard Statement.
  • The link to the training video on YouTube.
  • Step by Step training and some recommendations on how to get better evaluation rate.
  • An explanation of the payment process.
  • Information about bonuses and how they are related to the evaluation rate.



We are proudly providing the easiest technological solution to all your cleaning problems while
creating jobs that match everyone’s schedule. We have made every transaction 100% smooth and

App for Clients App for Hoper Lady
 The Client can easily request for cleaning nsbp;help just by tapping a button.  When the Hoper Lady is ready to work and goes online in our app, she will be welcomed
 with her location interface on the map.
 They will have an option to choose the type
 of service.
 When the Client requests for help, notification
 will be sent to all Hoper Ladies in the area.
 They will be asked to specify the date and
 time of the service.
 The Hoper Lady has to be online in the Hoper
 Rush app in order to receive this notification.
 The Client will also be able to add a text for
 additional information or requirements when
 When requested, The Client will appear on
 the Map in Hoper Rush App. Hoper Lady will
 be able to see the Client’s location and the
 distance from the Hoper Lady’s current
 They will be asked to choose the location.  Hoper Lady will be able to see the following
 information provided by the Client:
 When the Hoper Lady starts her work and has
 done her in-app “check-in”, the client will be
 asked to confirm it.
 1.The Location of the work site (if it’s
 different from the Client’s location).
 When the Hoper Lady is done with her in-app
 “check-out” process, the client will be asked
 to confirm that as well.
 2. Name of the Client that requested for the
 The Client will then be asked to rate Hoper
 Lady from 0 (very Bad) to 5 (excellent).
 The Client will also be able to add tip if they
 wanted to.
 3.The type of help requested by the Client
 and any additional details.
   4.The date and time when the Client needs
   If the Hoper Lady wants to accept the request
 she can do so simply by pressing “Accept” in
 the App. First Hoper Lady to accept the
 request will be hired for that request (first
come first serve).
   Hoper Lady must ensure to do the in-app
 “check-in” & “check-out” process to ensure
 payments on time.



We take great pride in providing exceptional services that include a hassle-free payment method for both our Clients and Hoper Ladies. Here is everything you need to know about each transaction…

The payment shall be collected from the Client’s chosen Payment Method based on the number of working hours achieved by Hoper Lady. Hoper Rush will charge $25 (plus applicable taxes) per hour for our exceptional services. Hoper Rush charges 20% of the total payment made by the client as administrative fee including the transaction fee and the rest of 80% of the payment shall be deposit directly to Hoper Lady Account number as provided on their profile within one week. We reward our exceptional service providers with great bonuses. These bonuses will be calculate based off of the performance rating that each Hoper Lady receives from our Clients. These Bonuses will include extra cash or one weeks paid vacation to exotic places like Mexico. A continuously good rating will increase the chances to achieve these bonuses.




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